If you have any questions, we have collected the most common ones here and answered them.

What is included in the rental price?

What is the minimum or maximum age of the driver?

Can I rent a car if I will not pick up the car and I am not going to be the driver?

If I have issues during the reservation process, who can I contact?

Can I cancel or modify my booking after confirmation?

What payment methods are possible when picking up the car?

Which credit cards do you accept?

Can I pick a specific car model?

Is it possible to deliver the car to the address?

What is the minimum rental period?

Is there a maximum vehicle rent period?

What documents are required when picking up the car?

Can I leave my rental car at a different location than where you pick it up?

Can pick up and drop off be selected outside the working hours of the office?

What is a deposit?

How much deposit amount should I leave when I get the car?

When will i get a deposit back?

How do I prolong the rental period?

Can i share the car with another driver?

When and where is it necessary to return the car?

How can I check the fuel type the rented vehicle uses?

How much fuel do I need to return the car with?

What do I do if I used the wrong fuel type?

Does the rented vehicle have all the mandatory equipment and where can it be found?

How do I get assistance when a breakdown happens?

What should i do in case of theft or any accidents with the car during the rental?

What to do in case of car key loss?

What insurance options are available when renting a car and what do they include?

What damage is not covered by insurance?

If I have insurance with a different company, do I also need to take your insurance?

What happens if I get a road fine?

Can my credit card be charged after the rental period?

Can the vehicle be returned before the time stated on the contract?

How do I return the vehicle outside of working hours to the “Key Box”?

Is it allowed to smoke in your cars?

Is it allowed to carry pets in the car?

Can I travel abroad and which countries can I visit?

What do I need to know when traveling to Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany and Hungary?

What I need to know about parking in Bratislava?

Can I put stickers on the car?