Be our partner

Invest your car from 6 months to 2 years and earn from 300 EUR per month. We are ready to manage cars that are no older than 2 years.

How it works

1.Start with car purchase.

2. Insurance for your car.

3. Vehicle completion.

  • GPS monitoring,
  • floor mats,
  • seasonal tires,
  • annual vignette for one of the country: Slovakia, Czech Republic or Austria.

4. Putting the car into operation

Short-term, long-term rental or transfers.

The investor pays for:

Purchase of the car

or car fleet.

Comprehensive car insurance


GPS monitoring

Pay only for installation.

Annual vehicle tax
Seasonal tires
Annual vignette

BARKRO takes care of:

   Monitoring and timely payment of fines.
Vehicle maintenance (depending on the chosen investment plan).
  GPS subscription fee.
  Seasonal tire storage and tire change (depending on the chosen investment plan).
  Secured parking space.

  The car’s operating period is from 6 months to 2 years. After the investment agreement/lease agreement
ends, we return the car to the investor for further realization or assist in its sale. 
  We are ready to manage
both new and used cars that are no older than 2 years.


Benefits of collaborating with BARKRO

We regularly purchase cars only from authorized dealers. By buying a car with our assistance, you receive a discount and save on initial investments.

Assistance in organizing the car purchase process, insurance, and registration (credit, leasing, cash purchase).

Full access to GPS monitoring of your car through an authorized application

Monthly reports and payments based on the utilization of the provided fleet (depending on the tariff plan).

Guarantee of careful handling of all cars entrusted to us (regular washing and interior cleaning, control of timely service maintenance).

Over 5 years of experience. We know the market and quickly adapt and do advertising promotion.

Type of partnership

We are very flexible in working with our investors, so we offer two tariff plans to choose from:


The investor receives 65% of the car's monthly revenue, while BARKRO receives a 35% management fee. In this case, the investor covers maintenance, seasonal tire change, and related expenses, while we cover GPS service and tire storage.


We pay you a fixed amount per month and take care of all expenses such as maintenance, seasonal tire change, and related costs. The advantage of this tariff plan is that the investor receives a stable income while transferring all the hassle of car maintenance to us. The payout amount is determined individually and depends on the brand, model, and specifications of the car(s).

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